Samegrelo, a western region of Georgia is famous for its history, beautiful places and cuisine, made of various spices and chilly. The staples of Megrelian cuisine are Elarji, Kupati, Gebjalia, and Ghomi. The region is also home to some of the most beautiful lakes of the country - Tobavarchkhili lakes.

Zugdidi is an administrative center of Samegrelo, where a visitor can visit Dadiani Palace, Botanical Garden, and go on various day trips. Dadiani Palace is one of the most popular sites for many tourists coming to Zugdidi. Dadiani’s where a ruling dynasty of the Samegrelo, therefore the Palace museum features some of the memorabilia of the family, as well as some of the unique artifacts that are only available here. Near the palace, the visitors can venture through the Zugdidi botanical garden, which used to be a decorative garden of the main residence. The garden is home to approximately 80 different species of plants and trees, including Magnolia trees and Himalayan Cedar.

Martvili Canyon is another natural wonder of the country located in Martvili village.  The emerald green waters of the canyon do attract many visitors throughout the year. And to add a bit more adventure to the trip, visitors can hire a boat and have a boat trip through the canyon.

Hiking lovers will enjoy their trip to Tobavarchkhili Lakes as the trip towards them is one of the most impressive things one can do in Georgia. However, it must be noted that the hike is quite difficult taking approximately 5 days of walking through forests and even tropical jungles. It’s not recommended to hike without the guide. However, the beautiful nature, canyons, waterfalls and natural landscapes are worth every step. Additionally, everyone should know that there is no cell reception, making the trip even more adventurous. To reach the nearest populated area, one needs two days on average.

Anaklia is a coastal resort of Samegrelo region. Every year, the town hosts one of the most popular electro-music festival GEM fest in August.

Place to go

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A trip to Svaneti will be one of the most unforgettable tours a visitor can have. The region is home to many mountains of great Caucasus Range, including Shkhara, the highest mountain in Georgia (5,068m), Ushba (4,700m), and Tetnuldi (4,617m). Locals are distinguished by their culture and cuisine, they have their own language, and a certain type of architecture. It should be noted, that upper Svaneti is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mestia is the main town of the region, featuring medieval defense towers, typical to the area, visit the Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography, and get to know the famous Georgian alpinist.  The museum is one of the must-visit places in the whole country. It is home to some of the most important treasury. In the past, when Georgia was invaded, all the treasures would be stored in Svaneti, as it used to be the most remote area an enemy couldn’t invade.

Ushguli is a community in upper Svaneti and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally, since it’s located at 2,100 meters above the sea level, the village is considered as one of the highest settlements in Europe. Visitors of Ushguli will enjoy breathtaking views of Shkhara mountain.

Hatsvali is another ski resort of Georgia, located around 8 km from Mestia. Winter here sees many tourists both locals and foreigners who like to ski or snowboard with magnificent views surrounding them.