Trekking Svaneti

14 Days
Price per person 2940 USD
14 Days
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Svaneti is one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia and a paradise for hiking lovers. There are plenty of opportunities to hike gorgeous Caucasus mountains here and admire medieval defense towers along the way. On this two-week tour, you’ll be able to see the most magnificent places Georgia can offer, visit remote villages, and enjoy panoramic views of snow-covered peaks the country is proud of.

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Day 1 – Arrival in Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi

Day 2 – Tbilisi – Jvari – Mtskheta – Uplistsikhe – Kutaisi

You’ll start your day with learning more about the Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. You’ll be able to visit some of its iconic landmarks, such as a 4th century Narikala Fortress, famous sulfur bath neighborhood Abanotubani, the Freedom Square, the oldest Basilica - Anchiskhati, Metekhi Church, walk on pedestrian bridge called the Peace Bridge, and visit Rike Park. You’ll listen to the history of the city, how it came to be and why it’s called Tbilisi. Jvari Monastery, sit at the top of the hill overlooking Mtskheta and junction of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. Jvari Monastery is one of the oldest religious buildings in Georgia. . It is believed that when St. Nino, the evangelist who brought Christianity to the country, made the citizens believe in her religion, King Mirian put a wooden cross here. The name “Jvari” means “cross” in English. Mtskheta in the former capital of Georgia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you’ll visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, one of the most important religious buildings in the country. In addition, it’s the architectural masterpiece of Early Middle Ages. Afterward, we will drive to one of the cave towns of the country - Uplistsikhe. The name of this rock-hewn town translates into English as Lord’s Fortress. The area played a significant role in Georgia history and features architectural marvels of different periods including, pre-Christian, Anatolian, and Iranian. The final stop of this tour is Kutaisi, the former capital and home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Day 3 – Kutaisi – Okatse Canyon – Becho Village – Overnight in the Guest House with the shared Facilities

On this day, you’ll drive to Okatse Canyon, a natural wader of Georgia. You’ll spend around two hours walking on pedestrian metal bridge hanging on the cliffs and pass through gorgeous Dadiani historical forest. Afterward you’ll drive to Svaneti and overnight in Becho village.

Day 4 – Trekking: Etseri and Mazeri villages – back to Becho for overnight

(NOTE: Overnight in the GH with shared facilities)

Day 5 – Trekking: Becho – Guli Pass – Mestia overnight in the hotel

The day starts with a hike from Becho to Mestia through Guli Pass. Becho is a community not far from Mestia, offering splendid nature landscapes along the way, especially the view of Ushba mountain, country’s toughest and most dangerous peak to climb.

Day 6 – Trekking: Mestia – Jabeshi

(NOTE: Overnight in the GH with shared facilities) Mestia is an administrative center of Svaneti region, offering a beautiful views of surrounding areas, medieval defence towers, and Caucasus Mountains. You’ll trek towards one of the small villages Jabeshi from here and overnight there. On the way you’ll be treated with breathtaking views of Ushba and Tetnuldi mountains.

Day 7 – Trekking: Jabeshi – Adishi

(NOTE: Overnight in the GH with shared facilities) On this day, you’ll be walking towards the Adishi Glacier that lies on the southern slopes of the Caucasus and is 9 km long.

Day 8 – Trekking: Adishi – Iprali

(NOTE: Overnight in the GH with shared facilities) This day takes you from Adishi to another small village of Iprali

Day 9 – Trekking: Iprali – Ushguli

(NOTE: Overnight in the GH with shared facilities) Ushguli is one of the highest settlement in whole Europe (at 2,200 meters above the sea level) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The community of four villages is the best place to admire Shkhara mountain, the highest peak of the Caucasus.

Day 10 – Trekking: Ushguli (Mount Guri)

(NOTE: Overnight in the GH with shared facilities) On this day, you’ll hike around Ushguli and towards the Mount Guri located at 2,970 meters above the sea level.

Day 11 - Trekking: Ushguli – to Lentekhi overnight in Lentekhi Guest House with shared facilities

Lentekhi is a small town in Racha-Lechkhumi Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia. Located at southern slopes of the Central Caucasus, the area is the best place for alpine tourism. On your way to Lentekhi, you’ll visit small villages of Latipari and Chvelphi.

Day 12 – Lentekhi – Kutaisi

overnight in the hotel

Day 13 – Kutaisi City tour - Tbilisi

Kutaisi is the former capital and home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will see all the important landmarks within the city tour including the Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery and Prometheus Cave.

Day 14 - Departure


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