Off Road Jeep Tour In Tusheti

8 Days
Price per person 640 USD
8 Days
In case of 10 PAX

Tusheti is another marvel of the mountainous regions of Georgia. Less visited than Svaneti, Tusheti offers much more untouched beauty and wilderness, as well as more abandoned houses and villages. The road leading to Tusheti goes from Kakheti region through Abano Pass. The dirt road is narrow and quite adventurous, offering gorgeous views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Similar to Svaneti, you’ll see medieval defense towers here, which at the same time are very different from Svan towers.

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Day 1 - Arrival and overnight in Tbilisi

Arrival and overnight in Tbilisi

Day 2 - Tbilisi – Bodbe - Sighnaghi - Tsinandali - Telavi

The day starts with a drive to Kakheti region to visit some of the most important landmarks.

Bodbe Monastery is the final resting place of St. Nino, an evangelist who brought Christianity to Georgia in the 4th century. Afterward, you’ll visit Sighnaghi town, located only 2 km from here. Known as the city of love, Sighnaghi is a beautiful town with its red rooftops, colorful houses, and narrow cobblestone streets overlooking the picturesque Alazani Valley.

Then, you’ll drive to overnight in Telavi, the central city of Kakheti, and make a shortstop to visit Tsinandali Estate, a mansion of Prince and a famous poet Alexander Chavchavadze, where you’ll be able to learn more about the family and admire his memorabilia of the mid-19th century.

Day 3 - Telavi - Keselo Castles - Gometsari - Village Dochu – overnight in upper Omalo

From Telavi, you’ll start our off-road tour towards Tusheti and its main city Omalo. Once you get to this little town, you’ll visit Keselo Castle a  small medieval fortress overlooking the town.

According to the locals, the Keselo fortress was built during the Mongol invasion in Georgia in the 13th century. It originally had 13 towers and the inhabitants used them to protect themselves both from Mongols and raids from the bordering Daghestani tribes. Unfortunately, most of the parts of the fortress are in ruins today.

Gometsari is one of the communities of Tusheti. Compared to Piriqiti community, Gometsari is less touristy and is home to village Bochorna, recognized as the highest settlement in Europe. Dochu village offers panoramic views of the river gorge and surrounding mountains.

Day 4 - Omalo - Pirikiti Valley: Dartlo;Dano;Kvavlo;Chesho and Parsma – Omalo overnights

Day four takes you to the more touristy part of Tusheti - Pirikiti Valley and its famous villages of Darto, Kvavlo, Chesho, and Parsma. Once you drive towards the valley, the first village you see is Darlo, nested among green slopes with its medieval towers dominating the skyline. It looks like a fairytale.

 Kvavlo is located very close to Darlo, just above it. You’ll need to hike up a steep ascent. However, the hike is worth those breathtaking, eagle-eye views of the area. Chesho and Parsma villages are located a couple of kilometers away from Dartlo towards the border of Khevsureti. As you drive deep towards the border, you’ll notice that most of those villages are abandoned and the buildings are crumbling.

Day 5 - Omalo - Shenako - Diklo - Pichekhi Castle – Kvareli

Shenako is another little village located not far from Omalo. The village is famous for its cute little houses, towers, and Church of Holy Trinity.

 Afterward, you’ll continue your way towards Diklo village which is overlooked by Diklosmta Summit, located at the elevation of 4,285 meters above the sea level. It’s considered one of the coldest villages of Georgia. Here, you can visit the ruins of Diklo Fortress. Afterward, you’ll visit the Pichekhi Castle which stands right at the border with Russia.

Day 6 - Kvareli - Tianeti - Gudauri – Stepantsminda

From Kvareli, you’ll continue your way to Kazbegi, another mountainous region of the country. You’ll pass through one of the ski resorts - Gudauri and drive through Georgian Military Highway through the beautiful valley that leads to Vladikavkaz.

Day 7 - Stepantsminda surroundings: Gergeti Trinity Church; Gveleti waterfalls; Sno and Juta;

This day is dedicated to the area. You’ll visit Gergeti Trinity Church, one of the most beautiful landscapes here. The church sits at the root of Mount Kazbegi offering stunning views of the surrounding Caucasus Range. Then, you’ll visit Gveleti Waterfalls, and the villages of Sno and Juta before going back to your hotel.

Day 8 - Stepantsminda- Mtskheta - Jvari – Tbilisi City tour and departure

On your way to Tbilisi, you’ll stop by former capital of Georgia - Mtskheta, and home to one of the UNESCO sites - Svetitskhoveli cathedral. It is one of the most important religious buildings in the country. In addition, it’s the architectural masterpiece of Early Middle Ages.

Then, you’ll continue your way to Jvari Monastery, sit at the top of the hill overlooking Mtskheta and junction of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. Jvari Monastery is one of the oldest religious buildings in Georgia. It is believed that St. Nino, the evangelist who brought Christianity to the country put her wooden cross here. The name “Jvari” means “cross” in English.

The day ends with the tour of Tbilisi, where you’ll be able to visit some of its iconic landmarks, such as a 4th century Narikala Fortress, famous sulfur bath neighborhood Abanotubani, the Freedom Square, the oldest Basilica - Anchiskhati, Metekhi Church, walk on pedestrian bridge called the Peace Bridge, and visit Rike Park. You’ll listen to the history of the city, how it came to be and why it’s called Tbilisi.

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