Tour to Georgia on Valentine's Day

5 Days
Price per person 254 USD
5 Days
In case of 14 PAX

12.02 Arrival in Tbilisi

13.02 City tour in Tbilisi

14.02 Tbilisi - Bodbe - Sighnaghi - Kvareli - Telavi - Tbilisi

15.02 Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Gori - Uplistsikhe - Tbilisi

02.16 Tbilisi - Transfer to Tbilisi Airport

Тур в Грузию на день влюбленных - самый лучший подарок любимому человеку на День св. Валентина.

Такой подарок точно запомниться на всю жизнь. Вас ждет разнообразная культурная и развлекательная программа по Грузии. Интересная экскурсионная программа на 14 февраля с праздничным ужином, вином, национальными грузинскими танцами.

Именно так мы себе представляем идеальный день для влюбленной пары: экскурсии по красотам Грузии, праздничный ужин с бокалом вина, сияющие глаза любимого человека, сидящего напротив вас и конечно, яркие фотографии, которые еще долго будут напоминать вам о романтическом путешествии!

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12.02 Day 1. Arrival at Tbilisi International Airport

Meeting at the airport. At the exit from the terminal you will be greeted with a table.

Organized a transfer to the hotel. Overnights in Tbilisi.

13.02 Day 2. Tbilisi - City tour

Breakfast in the hotel. City Tour.

Tbilisi is the picturesque and ancient cultural capital of Georgia. It was founded by the Georgian king Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th century AD. In the XII century, Tbilisi became one of the important political, economic and cultural centers of the Caucasus and the Middle East. As the capital, one of the most powerful countries in the Caucasus region. Tbilisi was the center of intersection of the main trade and cultural routes between east and west, south and north, the main direction of the Great Silk Road.

In the city center, many architectural structures of different directions and styles have been preserved. The Kura River flows throughout the city, which divides the city into two parts.

Tbilisi is home to an eclectic mix of Orthodox churches, mosques and synagogues. You will have the opportunity to not only admire, but also learn a lot of interesting things about the architectural and cultural monuments of the old city, the stronghold of which, for many centuries, has been the Narikala fortress, with its battlements.

Visit to the BRIDGE OF THE WORLD. On the left bank of the bridge is the temple of Sioni, which we will also visit. Excursions to the Cathedral ’’ Sameba ’’, Cathedral ’’ Metekhi ’. We’ll also visit the sulfur baths area, the beauty of this area will not leave you indifferent. We will walk along Old Tbilisi and Rustaveli Avenue.

Free time. Overnight in Tbilisi.

14.02 Day 3. Tbilisi - Bodbe - Sighnaghi - Kvareli - Telavi - Tbilisi

Breakfast at the hotel. Today the most romantic holiday is St. Valentine's Day. 

 In the morning drive to Sighnaghi. On the way to it, visit in the Bodbe village of the monastery complex of St. George and the grave of St. Nino, that brought Christianity to Georgia. Here is the tomb of St. Nino and it is said that ablution in the holy water of the increate spring near the monastery heals the sick and make miserable people happy. Ablution in this spring is equated in Georgia to Holy Communion.

Stroll in the "town of everlasting love" Sighnaghi, that is placed at the top of the ridge, overlooking Alazani valley. Currently it was completely restored to its original form. Visit of the historic -ethnographical museum with the exhibits of V century BC to XIX c. The museum also exhibited paintings of the famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani.

Company producing wines "Winemaking Khareba» is based on the ancient traditions.The company is working to preserve the unique culture of the vine and wine production, according to the old methods, and with the latest technology. Of great importance is the storage of wine. In Kvareli region of Kakheti, in the rocky slope of Caucasus Mountains, at the end of the 50s of the last century was cut through the tunnel, which originally had a military purpose, but with the development of military technology gradually lost its meaning like a fortification and was used as a unique repository of the best wines of Kakheti. It has a natural temperature of 12-14?C throughout the year, ideal for storing and ageing wine.

The tunnel was originally built by the military towards the end of the 1950s. The rapid development of military technology, however, rendered the tunnel’s defensive potential obsolete and it lost its meaning. From that moment on, the tunnel was used to store Kakheti’s finest wines.

The complex consists of two main tunnels linked by 13 smaller galleries 500 metres long. The total length of these tunnels is 7.7 kilometres. The tunnels are used for different purposes: one is destined for tourists, whereas large quantities of wine are stored and aged in the other. This is where the Winery Khareba stores around 25,000 bottles of its finest wines.

According to the program, we have a tour of the winery and a tasting of 4 types of wines, as well as a master class on cooking Georgian bread and Churchkhele, followed by lunch. 

Moving to Telavi is the “heart” of Kakheti, the historical region of Georgia, where wine flows like a river, ornate toasts and indispensable hospitality of local residents touch to the core, and the nature and quantity of historical sights are rare in its beauty. Telavi is known from the 1st century BC. e., it was a large shopping center on the caravan route from the Middle East to Europe. For more than five hundred years it has been the capital of the Kakheti kingdom, and is still considered the main city of modern Kakheti. 

Transfer to Tbilisi. Dinner at the Georgian national restaurant with a show program.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

02.15 Day 4. Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Tbilisi

Breakfast at the hotel. Moving to the other capital of Georgia - Mtskheta.

Arrival in the city of Mtskheta - the oldest capital of Georgia. The history of Christianity in Georgia begins at this place. In the city of Mtskheta, the most important Christian shrine is stored - the tunic of the Lord. Based on historical and cultural significance, “Historical Monuments of Mtskheta” are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit to the Jvari Monastery (translated into Russian as “Cross”), which is located east of the city of Mtskheta, on the top of the mountain at the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers. The current monastery of Jvari is the pearl of Georgian Christian architecture, in the 30s of the 4th century, King Mirian III erected a cross from a vine in this place, which was revered not only by Georgians, but also all Christians of Transcaucasia.

Departure to the City of Gori, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. Excursion to Stalin museum. Museum consists of three blocks - museum, house and railway carriage of Stalin.

Excursion to the ancient cave town - Uplistsikhe (I millennium BC), that was under the reconstruction stage for centuries and consists of more than 700 caves and buildings, including wine cellars, bakeries, antique theater, hall of receptions of Queen Tamara, preserved to this day.

On the way back to Tbilisi, we again drive to the ancient city of Mtskheta and visit the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral - a symbol of Christianity in Georgia and the national liberation struggle against foreign invaders. The temple was built in honor of the great 12 apostles of the Christian church. According to ancient legends, it was here in the IV century that the first Christian church in Georgia was built - the church of St. Sidonia.

Return to Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi.

16.02 Day 5. Tbilisi - Transfers

Breakfast in the hotel. Room release.

Free time. Transfer to Tbilisi Airport. The end of the program.

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