Dmanisi Archaeological Site is an important destination when traveling to Georgia. Located in Kvemo-Kartli region, 93 km from Tbilisi, Dmanisi is a place where archaeologists have found skulls of humans dating back to 1.8 million years. This breakthrough in science made Georgia a hotspot of many discussions about the location of first homo sapiens.

Church Bolnisi Sioni is small basilica in Kvemo-Kartli, in a village of the same name - Bolnisi. Built in the 5th century, it is the oldest church building in the country. Here, a visitor is able to see one of the oldest historical document of the Georgian Alphabet inscribed on its facade.

Samtavisi church is another important landmark in Georgia. This early 11th-century church is believed to be the first church built by an Assyrian missionary in 572. Later it was rebuilt in the 10th century. However, neither of these buildings have survived today, and the current religious building was constructed in the 11th century.