Bordering the Black Sea, Guria is another seaside resort of Georgia. The region is famous for their music and polyphonic songs, which are not easy to perform. The main economy of Guria relies on tea industry, citrus and hazelnut plantations.

Ozurgeti is the main city of the region rich with industrial institutions, education and healthcare facilities. Here, one can visit  Ozurgeti Dramatic Theatre situated in five-floor Soviet Neoclassical-style building making it one of the largest theater facilities in Georgia, visit Ozurgeti History Museum exhibiting more than 6,000 artifacts including archaeological, numismatic, and ethnographic items to name just a few. However, some of the prominent item displayed here is the sword that is believed to belong to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Ureki resort is another Black Sea resort popular among many locals and tourists. Unlike Batumi, the beach here is sandy and magnetic, curing many rheumatic diseases. Vacationers can venture to small village Shekvetili that features a huge concert hall called the Black Sea Arena, an attraction park Tsitsinatela and a relatively new addition to the area - a Park of Miniatures.

Bakhmaro Resort is a mountainous part of the region, located 2,000 meters above the sea level. Besides its stunning landscape, gorgeous pine forests, alpine meadows and picture-perfect views the area are famous for its cute cottages scattered throughout the green valleys. The resort boasts with the mixture of sea and mountain air which is beneficial for people with respiratory problems.