Georgians spent 600 million GEL while traveling abroad

Georgians spent 600 million GEL while traveling abroad

25 November 2019

National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) released the data showing that Georgians have spent 600 million GEL when traveling abroad in the third quarter of 2019. This data is collected based on one million Georgians who have traveled abroad during this period. Most of these trips (43.4%) were made by travelers aged between 31-50.

According to the Geostat, 417,700 Georgians had tourist-type (a trip that includes an overnight stay) visits, while 281,800 made same-day travels abroad, from which 47% were female.

The company also reported the reason for those visits: 34.9% stated that they were visiting friends/relatives, 29.6% traveled abroad for shopping, while 18% were for business.

In terms of the countries, the most visited were Turkey (350,500) and Azerbaijan (122,200). On average, citizens spent 4.5 nights abroad, while the average expenditure equaled to 857.7 GEL. Most of the money, 34.8%, was spent on drinks and food, followed by accommodation (16.6%) and shopping (30.7%). 

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