Capri will fine tourists for using plastic

Capri will fine tourists for using plastic

14 May 2019

The Italian island of Capri, located at the Bay of Naples, has outlawed the single-use plastic. Therefore, the government plans to fine travelers with up to 500 Euros for using single-use plastic plates, cutlery, cups, and straws, as well as non-biodegradable plastic bags starting from this May.

According to Giovanni De Martino, the mayor of Capri, the government is aware of how big of a change it is; however, if this cause will save the environment, "I don't think anyone will complain."

Capri's legislation follows the example of the Tremiti islands, an archipelago far from Italy's east coast.

Officials of both islands plan on distributing free water flasks ahead of time, as starting from next year, plastic bottles will be banned too.

Following these examples, Puglia region also plans on introducing the same laws and prohibiting plastic picnic equipment on its coast. And from the next year, France will nationwide ban single-use plastic picnicware.

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