A number of tourists traveling to Georgia grew by 8%

A number of tourists traveling to Georgia grew by 8%

05 August 2019

In the months between January to July this year, more than 2.5 million tourists visited Georgia, reports the Georgian National Tourism Administration, from which the majority comes from Russia. Additionally, almost 5 million of the visitors where international travelers.

The citizens of the following countries dominate among the tourists coming to Georgia:  Russia (+22.1%), Azerbaijan (+5.6%), Armenia (+2.9%) and Turkey (-0.3%). In addition, the most significant increase of travelers was seen from Tajikistan (+243.3%), Uzbekistan (+155.5%), Kyrgyzstan (+102.3%), China (+52.8%), Saudi Arabia (+52.6%) and Kazakhstan (+54%).

Visitors of the following EU countries maintain a positive trend: Germany (+40.7%), Latvia (+31.6%), Poland (+26.9%), the UK (+24.6%) and France (+25.5%).

According to Mariam Kvrivishvili, the Head of the GNTA, the number of Russian tourists decreased by 14%.

It should be noted, that 1,099,474 international visitors and 570,482 tourists came to Georgia in July. Those visitors came from Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

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