Adjara is Black Sea coastal region, close to the Turkey border. The Autonomous Republic of Adjara has its own governance and constitution. The main city of the region, Batumi is a summer-destination for many locals as well as the travelers. The region is full of interesting landmarks for the visitors to explore.

Batumi is the most frequently visited sea resort of Georgia. With its many restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs, Batumi becomes very busy during the summer. Batumi Boulevard is the main attraction of the city, full of modern architecture, sculptures and branches to sit down and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Moreover, the Batumi Dolphinarium offers various shows featuring dolphins to its visitors.

Batumi botanical garden was established in 1912 by Russian professor Andrey Krasnov. It is located in a small village called Mtsvane Kontskhi or Green Cape in English and is 9km away from Batumi. The garden features 5,000 different types of flora, including bamboo and eucalyptus trees. In addition, there are breathtaking views of the Black Sea from the garden.

Gonio Fortress – Gonio is a small village in Adjara region, 12 km from Batumi. The main attraction of the village is Gonio-Apsaros Fortress on the left cost of the Chorokhi River. It’s believed that this Roman castle had one of the oldest settlements and served as a defense castle of the area.

Keda village of Adjara is home to Makhuntseti Waterfall and so-called King Tamara Bridge. Located 325 meters above the sea level, the waterfall is 50 meters high.

Mtirala National Park a protected area spread across 15,698 hectares. The tourist trails here are one or two-days long. They are very well marked and arranged, where visitors can hike, camp and ride a horse. The best season to visit the national park is spring, summer and early autumn.

Kobuleti district is home to Kintrishi Protected Landscape, established in 1959 to protects its unique flora, fauna, and famous Colchian willow trees. Archeological excavations have found ancient, pre-Christian monuments in the area.

Matchakhela Alley is a small village in upper Adjara, located near the Turkey border. It’s the best place to relax in a lush nature.

Goderdzi Pass is another beautiful place of Adjara. Located at 2,025 meters above the sea level, visitors can explore Green Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Georgia.

Tsikhisdziri village hides a beautiful Petra Castle built in ancient time. In the 6th century, it had a significant importance for Byzantine emperor Justinian I.Today, it's a gorgeous place for many visitors that catches attention with its architecture and beauty.