National Parks of Georgia gets $1.6 million funding

National Parks of Georgia gets $1.6 million funding

22 October 2019

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) Georgia has launched a five-year program ‘National Parks and Ecotourism’ in order to preserve Georgia’s national parks to make them economically sustainable and more attractive for tourists. The program started on October 18 and aimes to develop the infrastructure of protected areas.

The mission Director of USAID in Georgia, Peter Wiebler, stated that the protected areas are treasures of the country which need protection and development.

With this new project, the protected areas in Georgia will have improved management systems and sustainable development. Additionally, The USAID National Parks and Ecotourism Program (NPE) will help with ecotourism and growth of the economic activity in the country.

The NPE will also work with non-profit, municipalities, and private organizations to provide specialized support and training to develop their productivity and economic efficiency. The NPE will improve tourist zones and make economic statuses better for people living near those areas by creating new jobs.

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